Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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Promotion of goods and services is one of the major factors behind the success of a product manufacturing or a service proving company ex. . You may be the best manufacturer of a particular product or the best service provider in a city or a state but without proper promotion of your products or services you cannot survive in this world of tough competition. To earn recognition as a company you need to build up strong and intelligent marketing strategies. You should aim at customer base at the maximum level possible. Reputed international companies spend billions of dollars for marketing and product promotion so that people can get to know about their products in large numbers. But the world is not a small place where you can earn recognition very easily and there may be hundreds of companies like yours, selling the same products or services. So how will you compete with them? Well, the answer is, through online marketing.

Online marketing, also known in other names such as internet marketing, e-marketing and e-commerce is a new concept as far as marketing and product promotion are concerned, but has proved to very useful tool for business organizations. Today, companies, irrespective of their sizes and area of operation are opting for the long-lasting benefits of online marketing. The benefits of online marketing are huge. In fact in the present situation, when the world is witnessing a tremendous economic meltdown, it is the best way to adopt for companies to survive. Today, companies are stressing on reduction of cost o ensure maximum revenue. So it is important to plan marketing strategies that do not involve huge expenditure. In case of general marketing, a company has to pay its marketing personnel. To make people aware about its products and services it needs to maintain stores, which involve recurring costs like rent, electricity charges and storekeepers’ salaries. By opting for online marketing, a company can curtail all these costs. There is no need to pay sales teams, to maintain stores and to appoint storekeepers. All you need to do is to develop a business portal with all necessary information about your company and you can do that at much lower cost. Another added advantage of online marketing is that people can access information about your products or services at any day, any time. It’s a 24 x 7 service. This is a major reason why companies are not publishing advertisements in newspapers. Maintaining a website is much cheaper than paying the newspaper houses too.

Another huge benefit that a company can enjoy from online marketing is maximum visibility. Suppose you are planning to publish n advertisement in newspaper, but it will appear weekly, or fortnightly or monthly. You cannot afford to publish advertisements in newspapers on daily basis. Moreover, you cannot expect good response as maximum people have a tendency to turn over the ‘ad’ pages quickly. Besides, you have o take the circulation of the newspaper into account. Is it well available in the market? Does it have a good readership? But when you publish advertisements on website, it is available for people living in all corners of the world. Today companies are not satisfied with operations in local and national level, they are targeting the global market for which they need recognition in a higher level and for that online marketing is the best way.

Another important reason behind the growing popularity of online marketing is its potential to build strong business to consumer and business-to-business relationships. By providing easy access to information, this new concept is bringing companies much closer to the world. Today a customer does not need to go to the market to check availability of a product that you manufacture. He or she can log on to your website at any time and get to know about that and can acquire it sitting at his or her home within seconds. Similarly a company may need to buy some of your products or acquire your service. Simply by clicking on your business portal it can get into dealing with you. And as it is a fast service, you can always expect consumers to come back to you.

So if you are running a company and targeting the global market, it’s time for you to develop and design a business portal so that people across the world can get to know about you and your company.


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