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In this age of tough competition, speed is a huge factor behind success of every businessman and woman. You never know when your rival company will snatch orders or contracts that you were targeting at. So saving time is very important. Thanks to the E-commerce concept this problem has been almost solved. Today, the B2B portals are not only serving as websites of companies from where you can get to know about a company and its activities but are also working as interfaces between two or more companies. Infect nowadays, these portals are contributing largely in optimizing growth of business, enhancing efficiencies and expanding distribution channels of the companies. The days of sending salesman from door to door to promote products and services are gone. People are now more comfortable with online marketing as it saves time, and these B2B portals are playing a major role in that. These portals are working like chains that interlink various people who collectively make a business successful like suppliers, manufacturers, distributor, wholesalers and agents. That’s why all business organizations, irrespective of their sizes and activities are stressing on developing and promoting full-service B2B portals to get contacted by more and people across the world.

Consider yourself as a businessman who sells textiles for making garments. You may sell the best quality textile but that doesn’t ensure that your revenue earning will be high. To do that you need contacts. You need to know garment manufacturing companies who require good quality textiles. There may be many but you don’t know them. That’s where a B2B portal can become handy for you. By searching on these portals you can get in touch with hundreds of manufacturing companies who are similarly looking for good textile suppliers. In the same way you can get to know about hundreds of suppliers, wholesalers and distributors across the world and can get global recognition as a textile manufacturer within a very short time. That’s where the benefit of a B2B portal lies.

In one word, these B2B portals are a technological process that builds a steady relation between business organizations, more precisely between buyers and sellers. Just by clicking on a business portal a manufacturer is getting an opportunity to contact hundreds of buyers and in the same way a buyer is getting contacted by thousands of sellers and wholesalers. So basically it is like supply chain, something which is mandatory for a business organization to survive in this age of tough competition.

Reduction of cost is also a huge issue for business organizations in the current situation s the world is witnessing huge recession. It has become very much important for the companies to curtail cost so that the level of revenue earning remains steady. Properly designed and promoted B2B portals are playing a significant role in that sphere too. These portals are actually helping organizations to streamline their businesses and building more productive and distribution networks. Moreover fast recovery of money from the market, which is very much essential these days has also become easier as all entities of a business like manufacturers, suppliers, traders, wholesalers and distributors are well connected with each other.

For its huge utility, especially in the present scenario of global financial crunch, the he popularity of the B2B portals has grown rapidly. To earn more and more revenue, business concerns are now targeting the global market and in their way they are getting great help from these B2B portals. In the recent times hundreds of B2B portals have come up all over the world are providing great services to people. So if you are a businessman and planning to build up a steady supply chain management for enhancing your business growth and ensure fast recovery of money the best way for you is to become member of a B2B portal. But before becoming the member you should understand the features and functionalities of these B2B portals.

Selection of proper criterion: Selection of proper criterion is very important for a member of a B2B portal. If you are a manufacturer your profile must be on the ‘manufacturer’ section of a particular B2B portal. If you select a wrong criteria, i.e., put your profile on ‘supplier’ section one cannot view your profile. Accurate information: As a member of a B2B portal, you must provide authentic and accurate information about your business activities. Condensed description: You should provide short and condensed description of your company with all necessary details so that one’s business interest is served. User friendly portal: The B2B portal that you are a member of should be user friendly so that the surfers get easy accesses to all information regarding your company Updated information: You should regular update the information about your company so that whenever someone click on to the portal he or she gets to know about your latest activity.

Availability of interactive tools: Though it is not compulsory but availability of interactive tools like live chat and toll free numbers will help you to build better relation with other business concerns. Try to make full use of these tools to interact with people who are contacting you. All top B2B portals are equipped with interactive tools to provide the members best results.

All B2B portals provide lists of trade leads, importers and exporters but it is better to go for those portals where lists of transporters and international services are available. Go for one such portal to get more benefit. As the main purpose is to grow relationships, it is better to get membership in B2B portals that have collaborations with reputed international firms.

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