Wednesday, March 14, 2012

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Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is among the largest and most well-developed cities in India and Ebizzkolkata is a city-based B2B portal that provides detailed information everything available in the city. The city is home to billions of people, belonging to different religious communities as well as companies engaged in different types of businesses. Availability of all kinds of transportation facilities and cheap labor has turned Kolkata into a major center for commercial operations. The city is home to several companies that have import and export business and is attracting more and more interstate and international firms to commence operation from here. Goods worth Lakes of rupees are imported and exported from the port and airport in Kolkata and the volume is likely to increase as new companies are eyeing the city as their new base of operation.

Though industries in West Bengal are way behind than those in other states, there is huge international demand for crops, goods and products that are grown, made and manufactured here. There are lots of companies in different parts of the world that import goods from firms in Kolkata on a regular basis. Exporters in Kolkata are earning good amount of revenues from the international market these days, thanks to the good quality of the products that they export.

If you own a company having operation anywhere outside Kolkata, you may opt for importing goods from Kolkata. But the question is how you would get to know about the exporters in Kolkata. There are several companies that sell same types of goods and products. So how will you be sure of importing the best quality? Before you start importing goods from Kolkata you must create a database of exporters in Kolkata. Well, doing that is not so difficult as it may seem to be. Thanks to internet, you can now get all necessary information regarding exporters in Kolkata within a while. No need to search in the ‘yellow pages’ because it is time consuming and the information that they provide are not regularly updated as is done in internet. Moreover there is a question of availability. Internet, on the other hand, is a 24 x 7 service and you can get access to all information at any time.

It is the age of worldwide web (www) where you can communicate with people from any corner of the globe. And as far as business activities are concerned, the best way is to search on the business-to-business portals (B2B portals). Really these B2B portals have made things simpler these days. By providing all kinds of information that are useful for business concerns, these portals are creating a supply chains. If you are planning to import a particular kind of product from Kolkata you can get to know in detail about all people who export it from Kolkata. Similarly if an exporter in Kolkata wants to start business in any other city, he or she can get to know about all importers in that city simply by clicking on the B2B portals. After logging on to aB2B portal you will find several sections there. Your job is simple. Just click on the section you need. If you are searching for exporters in Kolkata, click on that category. And if you, as an exporter in Kolkata, want business concerns all over the world to know about your operations, get the membership of a B2B portal today and enroll your name, profile and all necessary details. You will surely be benefited.

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