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Market is a place where different kinds of goods and products are sold alll .Ebizzkolkata is a city-based B2B portal that provides detailed information everything available in the city. People come to the markets to buy things of their needs and choices and pay prices to shopkeepers. It is a place that witness huge gatherings of people of different natures, looking for different types of things. For companies that earn revenue by selling products, market is a very important place. To ensure maximum profit, companies study market conditions very minutely to get an idea about the demands of people and their buying capacity before launching their products. Reputed companies spend billions of dollars behind promotion and campaigning for their products before the launch so that people can know about them well in advance. But the world is not a small place and the markets are not very few in numbers. Every developed state and city in the world has got several markets where innumerable varieties of goods and products are sold. The demand for products and the buying capacity of people vary largely from one place to another as the economy is not the same everywhere.

So how would you know about the market condition of a particular place? Kolkata, the eastern metropolitan city in India is a place with several big markets. Kolkata is a city where one can find specialized markets. While Burrabazar in the northern part of the city is a wholesale market for apparels and textiles, Bagri Market in the central part is a pioneer in medicines and clinical products. Ezrah Street is a huge market for electrical items and Chandni Chowk is the world of electronic items. Other than these, Gariahat in the South, Fancy Market in the West and Shyam Bazar and Hatibagan in the North are major market places in Kolkata that meet all the needs of city people.

Other than markets, today Kolkata hosts several modern and luxurious shopping malls where products manufactured by international companies are available largely. As the lifestyles of the people of Kolkata are getting more and more influenced by the Western culture, the demand for international products in the city is going up. Today the markets in Kolkata have turned into gold mines for several reputed international companies. But the reason why they are successful today is the market survey that they had conducted before stepping in the city with their range of products. If as a product manufacturer or a trader you are eyeing dollars from Kolkata, you need to know about the city markets very minutely.

Internet is the best way for you to acquire information regarding the markets in Kolkata. Just type ‘markets in Kolkata’ on the search engine and you will find a number of Kolkata-based B2B portals where all kinds of information related to business activities are available. The Kolkata-based B2B portals are packed with detailed information regarding business activities and business centers in the city. Just search for markets in Kolkata there and a list of such places along with the goods and products that are available there will be displayed on your monitor screen. Download the list and have a good database. No matter whether you are a citizen of USA or South Africa, Canada or Russia, you are just a click away from information regarding markets in Kolkata when you are searching on the city-based B2B portals.

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