Thursday, March 01, 2012

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Kolkata is the home to billions of people who earn their livelihoods from different types of occupations and Ebizzkolkata is a city-based B2B portal that provides detailed information everything available in the city. A significant percentage of the population of Kolkata is engaged in government services while some are employees of private companies. The new IT sector has also become the professional address for plenty of people, specially the youths. Other than these, large number of people in the city is engaged in export and import businesses. Kolkata is among the busiest and largest centers of commercial operations in India. Huge business transactions take place in the railway stations, port and airport in the city everyday.

There has always been a huge demand for international and interstate goods in Kolkata as the industrial condition of West Bengal is not good as in other states. Majority of products that people use everyday, starting from apparel to leather accessories are imported by the city traders from other states, cities and countries. The volume of electronic goods imported in Kolkata is also very high. Import business is one of the most lucrative occupations in Kolkata and there are thousands of traders outside who earn huge revenue by exporting goods in bulk quantity to the city.

If you are in export business and eyeing anew center, Kolkata could be the ideal place for you. You can ensure good amount of revenue from your export operation in the city. But to start export business in Kolkata, first you need to know about the importers in the city. Kolkata is a large city and the number of people engaged in import business is also quite high here. So for a businessman who is not a resident of Kolkata, communicating with the city importers is not an easy task.

So what would you do? You may search for importers in Kolkata in the yellow pages but that’s a quite time consuming process. Moreover you can’t depend completely on the information as these books are not published on a weekly or monthly basis. The best option is internet. Search on the web and you will come across a number of B2B portals that are loaded with information regarding importers in Kolkata. These B2B portals are electronic yellow pages of the new age where information are updated on a regular basis. When you search for some information on a B2B portal you can be rest assured of getting the latest data. To get all kinds of information regarding business operations, the B2B portals are the best guides today.

After logging on to a B2B portal, you can find various categories and the next step is very simple. Just click on the specific category and all latest information on that category will be displayed in front of you within seconds. If you are looking for importers in Kolkata, then the best option for you will be to log on the city-based B2B portals. There are some Kolkata-based B2B portals that prioritize on information regarding business operations in the city. The main aim of these B2B portals is to introduce Kolkata to the rest of the world. If Kolkata is the next place that you are planning to have a business relation with, then look for the city-based B2B portals today. You will definitely get the best result and within minimum time.

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