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Whenever a party or a meeting is planned, the first thing that strike people’s mind is the menu. Arrangement of food is something without which all parties, meetings, events and gathering are incomplete. There is a popular saying ‘meeting without eating is nothing but cheating’. In the bygone eras people used to hire cooks for preparing and serving food in wedding parties but with the giant steps of the country towards modernization and adaptation of western culture, the ‘food serving style’ in parties and events has changed a lot. Today serving food in parties is an art to be learned and those who perform it in events are known as called caterers. The days of poor cooks wearing dirty clothes are gone. Today we see people wearing clean and smart uniforms serving food on the dinner tables. The caterers provide service in all kinds of parties and their job is not limited within serving food. Job of caterers starts with buying required raw materials from the market and ends at cleaning the table after the dinner party is over. Today catering is a very successful profession all over the world and Kolkata is not an exception to that. There are several caterers in Kolkata that provide service in all kinds of parties and events all around the year.

The capital of West Bengal, Kolkata is among the largest cities in India and is the home to billions of people who earn their livelihood from different kinds of job. The caterers in Kolkata offer huge scope for young people to earn their livelihood. Hundreds of young people work in the catering companies in Kolkata and with the rise in demand of such service providers; the scope of getting jobs is increasing. Kolkata is the home to lot of catering service companies among which include some legendary names. Bijoligrill is among the top caterers in Kolkata and has been providing excellent services to the people of the city form several decades. Bhoj Caterer, too is a very popular names, as far as catering service in Kolkata is concerned.

But the question is how would you contact a caterer in Kolkata in case of need. Menu cards given on the dinner tables do contain the name and address of catering companies but how many cards would you collect? And if you are not a citizen of Kolkata its not possible for you to get such cards. However, there is an easy way out. Log on to the B2Bportals that provide information on Kolkata. There are several B2B portals from where you could get detailed information regarding different services and facilities available in Kolkata, including catering service. By clicking on any of these portals you can get to know about all caterers in Kolkata within a few seconds and at any time of the day. So if you are planning to organize a dinner party or a get together at the City of Joy, log on to the internet now. Solution to your problem is just a click away.

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