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Success of a business venture depends largely on the role of a supplier or suppliers. Companies like that manufacture products depend on the suppliers for raw materials and those, which are engaged in trading business wait for supply of finished goods. A proper supply chain is very essential for the profitability of a business concern. One needs to have a good supplying capacity before starting trading or manufacturing business. In a nutshell, a business is as good as its supply chain.

If you are a company-owner, eyeing business operation in a new place, then before starting your activities you must have a thorough idea about the availability of suppliers there. You must find out the best suppliers in the city or town that you are planning to include in your area of operation. You must identify the best persons in the trade, interact with then and then only you can proceed with your plans. But how will you find a supplier in a city or town, which is entirely unknown to you?

Well the answer to this question is not so difficult as it appears to be. Thanks to the rapid progress of science and technology, no place is unknown these days and no distance is too long. Today there is internet through which one can communicate with another person living in a completely different corner of the world within a flash. From Delhi to Dusseldorf, Mumbai to Montreal and Kolkata to Cape Town, people are interacting with each other through internet.

Internet has indeed changed the definition of communication and like other sectors it has made its impact felt on in the business world too. Today there are B2B portals (business-to-business) that have been specially designed to serve the business-class people. There are hundreds of B2B portals on the web that have helped different entities of business like suppliers, buyers, sellers, dealers, manufacturers etc to come closer. Today a manufacturer in California or a trader in Texas can communicate with its supplier in Kolkata within seconds, thanks to the Kolkata-based B2B portals.

Kolkata is a city that has steady business relations with a number of international companies. There are lots of traders and manufacturers in different parts of the world who depend largely on supply of goods from Kolkata. The availability of adequate supply has even encouraged lots of companies to launch their businesses here. As a manufacturer or a trader you too may launch your operation in Kolkata because the city is home to billions of people with high buying capacity. But before starting operation in the city you need to find out the suppliers in the city from whom you can get your raw materials or products. You need not to worry because the Kolkata-based B2B portals are there to help you out.

The Kolkata-based B2B portals are like electronic yellow pages from where you can get all kinds of information related to business. Just make a query and the information will be displayed on your screen within seconds. If you are trying to find out a supplier in Kolkata just search for it and the portal will provide you with a long list of names that are involved with supplying of different types of raw materials and products to companies.

Just like manufacturers and traders who look for good suppliers, the suppliers too need people to do business with. As communicating through B2B portals has been proved to be much easier than other mediums, these days, suppliers are enlisting their names on these portals. There are several Kolkata-based B2b portals that offer free listing facilities to people. If you are a supplier in Kolkata and want people to find you out, you can enlist your name and your complete profile on any of these city-based B2B portals. Whenever someone will search in the portal for suppliers of goods or products that you deal with, your name will appear on the list. Other than data, some Kolkata-based B2B portals offer advanced interactive tools like free SMS, live chat and e-mail. You not only can find the name of a supplier in Kolkata but can also interact with him by using these tools.

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