Thursday, March 01, 2012

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Real estate is among the most booming industries across the world at present, thanks to the rapid growth of human population. The geography of states and cities and towns are changing rapidly as more and more concrete structures are filling up vacant lands to provide shelter to people. The drastic rise in population is leading to increasing demand for residential areas and as a result multistoried buildings and residential apartments are coming up in large numbers. To create spaces for real estate projects, people are even filling up ponds and water bodies and playgrounds are getting lesser in numbers everyday. Not only residential apartments but real estate projects have changed the definition of commercial centers too. Modern flashy shopping malls with all kinds of modern facilities are coming up in all developed cities of the world to meet the changing needs of people.

Kolkata being one of the five metropolitan and among the largest cities in India is home to billions of people and like all other cities and towns the population is growing drastically here too. So the city is changing and changing at a great pace. In the last five-six years Kolkata has become the new address for thousands of new people. Several national and multi-national real estate developers have come up with lots of real estate projects, which include both residential apartments and commercial centers in all parts of the city. The cityscape of Kolkata is surely on a permanent changeover mode. If you are financially stable, finding a new address in Kolkata is not a big deal today. But to get one that suits your budget, you need to know about various real estate projects that are under construction in different parts of the city.

Getting information about real estate projects is not at all difficult these days, thanks to the B2b portals. is a B2B portal that serves the purpose of a guide for people who want to know about Kolkata. All kinds of information that people may like to know about the metropolitan city is available in detail here. If you are trying to get an idea about real estate projects in Kolkata, logging on to will be an ideal option for you. We provide information not only on existing and under construction projects in the city but about those, which yet to come up. Moreover by browsing through our portal one can get to know names and contact numbers of all real estate agents in the city.

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