Thursday, March 01, 2012

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Kolkata is among the largest cities in India and home to billions of people who belong to different religious communities, castes and linguistic groups and Ebizzkolkata is a city-based B2B portal that provides detailed information everything available in the city. Apart from original inhabitants, thousands of people, who are residents of other states, cities and countries, stay in Kolkata. While some pursue higher education in the colleges and universities in Kolkata some are employed in various companies that have operations here. Besides, Chinese population dominates a part of Kolkata.

The real estate projects that have changed the cityscapes of Kolkata permanently are addresses of hundreds of NRIs and the percentage is likely to increase significantly in the coming days. Buildings on either sides of all streets and lanes in the city are thickly crowded and the slums are like mazes. So finding a person from this ocean of crowd is not an easy task. If you have the address of the concerned person, there is some hope, but if it is not there you are just lost. Telephone directories do contain addresses of people along with contact numbers but what if the person you are looking for does not have a telephone connection? Or what would you do if the person, whom you need to contact, keeps his or her cell phone switched off? If you are a citizen of Kolkata you may manage somehow, but if you are not so, its just impossible.

However in the age of information technology and internet, nothing is impossible as such. Today people are keeping in touch with each other on the internet. Today we are creating communities on the internet and making and hundreds of people are joining there and they are continuously growing. Just think of the meteoric rise of orkut. Today, finding a person who is not a member of Orkut is a tough job. Today there are several portals that offer facilities through which you can get in touch of a person, even if you don’t have his or her number. If the person you are looking for has enrolled personal profile in any such portal, you can catch him or her within seconds. Similarly if you enroll your profile, one can get in touch with you without much difficulty.

In this fast age, meeting people and relatives in person is a quite a challenge. The work pressure in the professional life is so high that people are not even getting time to make telephone calls and send mails. So the best way is to keep in touch with close ones through these portals. No matter if you are a resident of New York and looking for a person in Kolkata, you can get in touch with him or her just within seconds. So check out for portals that are offering this facility.

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