Monday, March 26, 2012

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Riding on a car or two-wheeler is a great combination of luxury and comfort that everybody enjoys. But to have a smooth and comfortable journey, one has to make sure that the vehicle he/she is riding is fully fit to run on the road. But as the automobiles are nothing but machines, one cannot predict malfunctions and disturbances. Hundreds of spare parts of different shapes and sizes play important roles behind the running of an automobile on the road and some of them may get damaged or defect may occur at any time. So what would you do? Won’t you get out on the road with your car or two-wheeler just because it may stop running at any point of time? No you wouldn’t. Nobody thinks that way because there is no reason to worry if you know about places from where you can buy auto spare parts.


Selling and repairing of auto spare parts is a very lucrative business all over the world and with the gigantic rise in the percentage of people having automobile vehicles, this business is sure to flourish. Auto spare parts shops are available in all developed cities in large numbers and they earn quite well. Kolkata is not an exception to that. Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is among the largest and the five metropolitan cities in India. The city is home to billions of people significant percentage of which maintains a high standard of living. The percentage of people owning more than one automobile vehicle is quite high here. So is the number of people selling auto spare parts For citizens of Kolkata, finding out a shop of auto spare parts is not very difficult but for visitors or people who have just settled here it is a challenging task. Getting stuck to your ‘break down’ car at the middle of a busy road is quite an embarrassment. But you cannot rule it out. So before you get out on the streets of Kolkata with your vehicle, it is better to have an idea about places from where you can buy auto spare parts. You need not to buy a yellow page or a city guide for that. Just log on to the Kolkata-based B2B portals and get the solution to your problem within seconds.

The Kolkata-based B2B portals are information portals that introduce outsiders to the city. Detailed information on everything in Kolkata is available on these portals. These portals are the perfect and most advanced city guides for you. From tourist spots to pilgrimage sites, shopping malls to markets, theaters to multiplexes, restaurants to food parks, information on everything that the city has got is available on these portals. So how can one miss out the auto section? Almost all the Kolkata-based B2B portal has got a separate section for automobiles from where you can find all kinds of information regarding cars, two-wheelers, show room for automobile vehicles, car rental companies and of course on companies that manufacture auto spare parts and shops where those are sold. What you need to do is to log on to any of the Kolkata-based B2B portal and search for auto spare parts. You will find a long list of names of places and shops that can provide quick solution to your problem. Just download the addresses and the contact numbers of shops and then get out for a ride with a relaxed mind. Don’t worry, with information collected from the Kolkata-based B2B portals, you are always at a safe journey.

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