Thursday, March 01, 2012

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A seller is a person who sells something in exchange of money. Ebizzkolkata is a city-based B2B portal that provides detailed information everything available in the city.When we need to buy something it is a selling person or a company that we look for. We go the market or shops and ask the shopkeepers about the thing that we are looking for. If it is available we buy it and if it is not we ask other shopkeepers or sellers. For business concerns, selling is the ultimate mission. Manufacturing and trading companies their products, while service providers sell their services. But the higher authorities of companies do not involve themselves directly with the selling operations. They take their goods and services to the doorstep of customers through a group of people, whom we call sellers. For both general people and business concerns, finding out a seller or a group of sellers in a particular place is very important.

When you are looking for a product or service, which is available locally, finding out a seller is not a big deal. But what will you do if you are looking for a seller or a group of sellers who have operations in a completely different part of the world? How will you get to know about sellers of a particular product or service in a particular city of the world, if as a business-owner, you are eyeing an operation there? The process of searching and finding information has however become an effortless job these days, thanks to the rapid progress of information technology. Today information on everything in this world is easily available on the internet. One just needs to put his /her queries on the search engine and the rest is just a matter of seconds.

As far as searching for information related to business activities are concerned, the B2B portals (business-to-business) are the best option. Planned and designed specially to cater to the needs of business-class people, these B2B portals serve the purpose of guidebooks and yellow pages. Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is among the largest and most well developed cities in India and a strong base of international commercial operations. The city has got a very strong trade relation with a number of reputed companies that are based in different other parts of the world. They earn huge revenue from the markets in Kolkata by selling their products through their agents.

As a company-owner you too might discover the markets in Kolkata as profit zone, but to bag revenue from here you need to know about the sellers in Kolkata, who deal with different types of products. The Kolkata-based B2B portals could be very useful guides for you here. The city-based B2B portals are loaded with lists of sellers in the city, who deal with a variety of goods and products.

Just as people all over the world search for sellers, the sellers too look for good buyers and enlist their names in these B2B portals so that people could get to know about them easily. Even if you are not a business-owner and an ordinary person, looking for a particular product in Kolkata, the city-based B2B portals could be of immense help for you. Just log on to any of these Kolkata-based B2B portals and search for a seller of the product you are looking for. All information will be in front of your eyes within seconds.

In this super fast age, people don’t have enough time to spend for turning pages of telephone directories or yellow pages. They need everything within a flash. So if you need information regarding sellers in Kolkata, click on a Kolkata-based B2B portal is the easiest option.


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