Thursday, March 01, 2012

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Situated on the bank of river Ganges in its Eastern part, Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is among the largest and five metropolitan cities in India and Ebizzkolkata is a city-based B2B portal that provides detailed information everything available in the city. Kolkata is also among the major tourist attractions and commercial centers in this part the country and is thus visited by thousands of tourists and business travelers. People, not only from other parts of the country but from all corners of the globe visit Kolkata throughout the year for different purposes. Kolkata has got a lot to offers people of all kinds. For devotees there are temples like Kalighat and Dakshineswar, for tourists, there are Victoria Museum, Shahid Minar, Howrah Bridge, River Ganga, Birla Temple, National Museum, for shoppers there are several shopping malls and markets and for the business travelers there are banks, stock exchanges and offices of hundreds of companies.

But being among the largest cities in the country, locating a particular spot in Kolkata is not a very easy task, specially for tourists and visitors. Tourist spots, commercial centers and shopping malls are scattered all over the city and are quite difficult to reach if the proper road directions are known. However thanks to the easy availability of transportation in the city, you can get buses, trains, taxis as well metro rail for reaching places. But if you prefer traveling on any particular mode of transportation, the best option for you is to rent a car. There are several companies in Kolkata that rent cars to tourist, travelers and even the citizens. You just need to call them up and a car will be available for you. You may pay rent as per kilometers or may hire it for some hours.

Wondering how you will get to know about the car rental companies in Kolkata? Simple. Just log on to ebizzkolkata and search for it. Ebizzkolkata is a city-based B2B portal that provides detailed information everything available in the city. With its broad information network and most genuine database, ebizzkolkata serves as a guide for people who come to the city from outside. Unlike telephone directories and yellow pages that are published once or twice in a year, information are updated regularly on ebizzkolkata and thus you always get current information. All kinds of business establishments, irrespective of their sizes and area of operations enlist their profiles in ebizkolkata so that people can get to know about them by searching on the web. The Kolkata car rental companies are no exceptions. If a car rental company in Kolkata is what you want to know about just search for it on the portal. Ebizzkolkata has got a huge database on companies that rent cars in the city and in its surrounding areas and will provide you with a list of names of such companies along with addresses and contact numbers. There is no need to turn pages of telephone directories or travel guides. Information is available just with a click.

No matter what your destination is, ebizzkolkata is there to help you reach your spot. Not only tourists and interstate, international visitors but even the citizens of Kolkata depend a lot on ebizzkolkata to contact car rental companies for reaching places, because apart from names addresses and contact numbers, ebizzkolkata provide information on places that car rental companies in the city offer services too. There are some companies that cover only tourists spots in the city, some provide cars for visiting the business centers and some even provide cars for reaching long distant places. So select your places and search on ebizzkolkata. With ebizzkolkta by your side no place is to far for you to reach.


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