Monday, March 19, 2012

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Businessmen all over the world are going through a tough time and when it comes to Kolkata Ebizzkolkata is a city-based B2B portal that provides detailed information everything available in the city. Companies are downsizing staff strength, factories are reducing volume of production and people are getting lesser salaries. If the financial analysts and economists are to be believed, this dark phase is going to take long before it leaves. Every day, the ‘economy’ pages of the newspapers are publishing news about laying offs in companies taking place in different corners of the world and the readers are being panicked. But what are the ways to survive this financial crunch? Is there any way at all?

The only reason why companies are taking such drastic steps is to curtail costs. Definitely, it sounds cruel, but they are helpless. Without curtailing costs at a significant percentage, companies cannot survive in this phase of global economic meltdown. But the question is, are these decisions helping them in their way of survival? It is easy to say a group of people ‘you are fired’ or ‘put down your papers’. The group of people will lose jobs all right, but as an employer, you might be losing a very efficient workforce with this decision. What will you do then? If you are not in a condition to recruit people, how will you replace these workers? So it is not a solution. Slashing salary, on the other hand, slashing salary will affect the motivation of workers, so you cannot expect them to give their best in the work. So how will it help you? No way! Therefore, what else can companies do to survive the financial crunch? Well the way is by curtailing extra costs.

Lots of companies across the world have now stopped spending money behind organizing parties. No parties, no dinners, no programs = saving a lot of money. Small business organizations are even controlling use of electricity and telephone. The newspaper industry hit very badly by the economic meltdown. Earning of revenue through advertisements has gone down drastically. So, to survive, many newspaper houses are compromising on the quality of newsprints. Some have even reduced the number of pages. Other industries too are looking for similar options as it has been proved that downsizing of staff strength is not solution to this problem. Of course, reducing the number of workers will save some money for you, but in the long run you cannot survive without strong staff strength.

When employers are shattered, one can understand what’s going in the minds of employees. In USA , people are losing jobs in thousands everyday and this menace is likely to continue for some time. The developing countries haven’t feel the heat largely till now but according to the economists and financial analysts, this recession is going to reach these nations in a big way very soon if drastic steps are not taken immediately. As an employee, you never know when it will be your turn to put down your papers. But if it really happens one day, what are the other options that you can look for? For people of developing countries, it is high time to look for ways to earn some extra money so that if the disaster takes place, some percentage of the financial loss could be compensated.

If you are thinking what possibly could be you option, then go for the ‘work from home’ concept. Thanks to internet, this ‘work from home’ concept has become a good and easy way of survival for thousands of people across the world. There are numerous jobs to do in the internet for which you do not need to attend office. You can utilize your spare time for this. As the internet is a 24 x 7 service, you can work at anytime, be it dawn, early morning, afternoon, evening or late night. Numerous companies pay well to people working for the development of their websites. So if you are really eager to fill your pocket with some extra money looks for such websites. If you work hard, you can expect to be rewarded. If you want to survive, there is no time to relax. It’s really a time to struggle for existence.

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