Tuesday, March 20, 2012

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Planning a trip to Kolkata, the City of Joy? Thinking about spending time shopping for your loved ones in the city? If you are then you are making a great plan. Located along the bank of River Hooghly In the Eastern part of India, Kolkata is a beautiful city that has always attracted people from all parts of the country. The city is among the most popular tourist attractions in the Eastern part of the city, thanks to its unique geographical location, its heritage, its colorful history, monuments and last but not the least the markets and shopping zones. Kolkata is home to people belonging to different religious communities and as a result one can get a good hint about the cultural diversity of the country from here. The streets of the city is always bustling with people speaking in different languages, eating different types of foods and buying different types of items.

If you want to enjoy the real magic of Kolkata you must visit the city markets. All kinds of goods and products, starting from those, which people use in their daily loves to those, which are used occasionally are available in the markets of Kolkata. There are markets for food, vegetables and fishes in the city, market for garments and apparels, markets for electrical fittings, markets for medicines and even markets for utensils that are most common items in the kitchen of every house. Apart from these, Kolkata houses several modern shopping complexes and departmental stores where products and goods that can cater to all needs of people are available.

New Market, Burrabazar, Hatibagan, Lake Market, Gariahat are some of the leading names as far as markets in Kolkata are concerned. For citizens of Kolkata, reaching these markets is an easy task, but if you are coming t Kolkata how would you reach these places. How would you know what kinds of things are available in the se markets. Apart from tourists, lots of business men and companies based in different parts of the world have got good trade relations with some of the markets in Kolkata. International products are exported to the markets in Kolkata in huge quantity. If as a company-owner you plan to start business in Kolkata you need to know about the markets in the city. How would you know?

Well, the answer to your question is the Kolkata-based B2B portals. The Kolkata-based B2B portals are like electronic yellow pages from where one can get all kinds of information regarding Kolkata. Need to know about markets in Kolkata? You need not to worry at all. Just log on to any of the Kolkata-based B2B portal and start searching. Just click on a portal and you will find a long list of markets in Kolkata along with address, road directions and types of goods and products that are sold there. No need to spend time turning pages of yellow pages. Just click and the information you require will be in front of your eyes.

The Kolkata-based B2B portals are the best medium to search for information regarding the city. It provides information much faster and the data you see on your computer screen are the latest. So if you are really planning a trip to the City Of Joy and thinking about buying souvenirs for your loved ones, log on to the internet now and start searching for the Kolkata-based B2B portals. No matter where you live, you will get introduced to the markets in Kolkata sitting at your home.

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