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Leather is a fine item that everybody likes to use. In winter, outfits made of superior quality leather make one feel comfortable. Well- made leather outfits also make one look smart, especially because of the shining surface. Other than these, we use leather in various other forms like shoes, wallets, bags, briefcases, waist belts and mobile phone cases. Superior quality leather and leather accessories is always on a high demand all over the world and interestingly the demand is going up corresponding to the rising price of leather.

Leather is among the costliest good sold in the market and is exported and imported by countries in bulk quantities. Export and import of leather are among the most lucrative trading options these days and thousands of people across the globe are in this trade. Some are dealing with import and export of decades in the markets for several generations. The number of companies running high on sale of leather and leather accessories is also quite high. Some manufacture accessories out of leather of their own tanneries while others import it from other states and countries. They have contacts with leather exporters in all corners of the world and import leather from them according to their needs. Similarly there are hundreds of people who wait for huge international orders for leather.

If you have sufficient capital and have plans to invest in business, then leather import could be a very lucrative option for you. Buy leather in bulk quantity at a low cost and then sell it at a high price. The formula is quite simple. But to implement this idea you need to know places and people from where you can import leather at reasonable price. If you are eyeing a huge profit from leather business you must look for exporters in India. India is among the major leather exporting nations in the eastern part of the world. Huge volume leather export takes place in the major ports and airports of the country everyday and the cargos are sent to different corners of the globe. The price of leather in India is comparatively cheaper than in other countries and that’s why the exporters get huge orders from foreign companies.

So if you are looking for information regarding leather exporters in India then opt for the B2B portals. Planned and designed in a special way to cater to the needs of business executives, these B2B portals are the best guides these days. Information on every single thing that business executives might look for are available on these B2B portals in details. If leather exporters in India are what you are looking for, then just click on the specific category on any B2B portal. All information will be in front of you within seconds.

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is among the major leather exporting states in India. The city is home to a number of leather exporters who supply leather in bulk quantities to different foreign companies. If you are a leather trader then you will surely like to buy leather at a cheap rate from the exporters in Kolkata. Looking for such exporters? If you are then opt for the city-based B2B portals now.

There are several Kolkata-based B2B portals that provide detailed information regarding importers and exporters who deal with different types of products. By browsing through these Kolkata-based B2B portals you can create a database of leather exporters in Kolkata within a few seconds. You will find names, addresses and contact numbers of all the people related to export of leather in Kolkata. But that’s not all. To facilitate communication between different entities of business operations, these B2B portals are even offering interactive tools like e-mail and live chat. So if you need, you can directly communicate with the leather exporters who are online.

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