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Searching for a person in a known place is not a big deal but it becomes a tough task if one has to search for a person in a city or a town which is completely unknown to him/ her. You can find the address of a person from the page of a telephone directory but what will you do if the person that you are looking for does not have a telephone connection? The world is not a small place at all and the population is not very low. So to search for a person in an unknown place you need a better guide. If you too are in search of a person in a city or town that you don’t have any idea bout, the best option for you is to search on the net.

The advancement of information technology has made things a lot easier. The days of waiting for the telephone directories and yellow pages to come out are gone. Today one find a person, living in any corner of the world within seconds, thanks to the electronic directories called B2B portals. Designed specially to cater to the needs of business class people, these B2B portals serve the purpose of guidebooks and provide all kinds of information that people may look for. You can now get information regarding anything in a city just by logging in to the B2b portals that are based there.

Located along the bank of Hooghly River in the Eastern part of India, Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is a large city. One of the five metropolitan cities in the country, Kolkata is home to billions of people. Despite being the capital of West Bengal, Kolkata is not only the home for Bengalis. People, who are originally inhabitants of other parts of the country stay in the city in large numbers. Besides, due to the availability of a number of higher educational institutions, the city is home to hundreds of young students. So one can understand how challenging it is to search for one individual from billions of people who reside in all corners of the city.

However, the challenge can be well acceptable for you if you have logged in to any of the Kolkata-based B2B portals. The city-based B2B portals are indeed the best guides for NRIs and foreigners. To help people know about the city, the B2B portals provide all kinds of information regarding the city. Just search for something you want and you will find a long list of data regarding your topic.

Wandering how a B2B portal can help you to search for a person? Well the answer is, these portals offer free listing service to the people of the city. Anyone who wants people to contact him or her over the internet can register his/her name and full profile in these B2B portals. So if the person that you are looking for has register his/her name in a portal you will find the name in the long list that will be displaced on your computer screen.

Lots of people are registering their names in the Kolkata-based B2B portals these days so that others can contact with them easily. Apart from providing information, the Kolkata-based B2B portal are also offering interactive tools like live chat, email and free SMS service which has made communication a lot easier between people living in Kolkata and other corners of the world.

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