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Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is one of the five metropolitan cities in India and also among the largest. Being a metropolitan city, Kolkata provides its citizens all kinds of facilities and services that one can look for in a city of its classor visit . For its historic importance, famous places and some famous monuments, it is among the major tourist attractions in the country. On the other hand, locational advantage and easy availability of air, water, rail, road transportation and cheap labour has made it an important commercial center in the eastern part of India. Thousands of people, not only from other cities of the country, but from all corners of the world visit Kolkata throughout the year for various purposes. While some come as tourists, some have got business interests. But as it is a large city, it is always safer for one to have a brief idea about Kolkata before coming here. Travel guides and yellow pages do provide information on the city but as these books are published once or twice in the year, the possibility of missing out information on latest developments are huge, because Kolkata is changing drastically, it is changing everyday. Moreover, in case of an emergency visit you may not get the time to buy a travel guide and go through all of its pages. So the easier option for you would be to search on the net. As internet is a 24 x 7 service, you can check out information at any time and just with a click on the mouse. There are several portals from where you can get to know about developments taking place in different parts of the city, but as far as representing Kolkata to the people of the city as well as to global audience is concerned, is way ahead of others.

Travel guides mainly cover the important places, tourist spots, major commercial areas and routes to different parts of a city. But apart from these, there are various other things about which people may need information. can provide answers to answers to all of your queries. is actually a business-to-business portal (B2B portal) which have specially designed and developed to cater to the needs of all kinds of people. There are several sections in this portal that apart from tourist spots and commercial centers, provide information on topics that businessmen may look for. As a businessman you may need to know about suppliers, wholesalers, and buyers. By clicking on to specific sections of you can get all necessary information on these within a few seconds.

Besides, is loaded with information regarding various facilities and services available in Kolkata. Just by clicking on the portal, you can get to know about different services and facilities available in the city in details.

It is very essential for one to know about the emergency services in a city. You never know, when you would need to call the doctor or ambulance or take admission in a hospital. So as a citizen of the city or an outsider, you should know about the hospitals, nursing homes and healthcare centers in Kolkata. can be a perfect guide for you in this case. Information regarding all reputed and as well as small nursing homes, hospitals and healthcare centers in Kolkata are available in this portal. Even if you want to know about the shopping malls in Kolkata, is there to help you.

As a business-to-business portal (B2B portal) aims at global viewing. With its regularly updated information on a variety of topics, it is representing Kolkata not only to its citizens but to people sitting in all corners of the world. No matter whether you are a citizen of Kolkata or Kodaikanal, Canada or Karnataka, you can always keep your self updated about Kolkata by logging in to

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