Thursday, March 01, 2012

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Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal is one of the largest and the five metropolitan cities in India. ebizzkolkata is among the most widely searched Kolkata-based B2B portal. Located in its eastern part, Kolkata is also among the major centers of business and commercial operations in the country. Kolkata is home to billions of people who earn their livelihood from different kinds of jobs, majority of which are commercial services. A significant percentage of the city population is engaged in the banking industry. Being one of the oldest cities and one time national capital, Kolkata houses branch offices of most of the nationalized banks of the country that are serving people for several decades. Besides, several news private banks too have their operations here, thanks to the huge population of the city and its stable economy.

Computerised branches of all banks that have their operation in India are scattered all over Kolkata. Some of the major names in the banking industry such as State bank of India, Allahabad bank and bank of India have got the maximum number branches in Kolkata and earn huge revenue from operations there. Not only will you find offices from where you can withdraw cash through the lengthy process of issuing and depositing cheques but there are also large numbers of ATM run by different banks from where you can collect money within seconds.

But Kolkata being a large city with banks and ATMs being set up even in small lanes, it is quite a challenging task for people, especially outsiders to locate a branch office of a particular bank at a particular place. Telephone directories and yellow pages do provide addresses of branch offices of banks in Kolkata but one may not fond it much helpful as it is not easy to locate a particular place only through with an one line address. You need a little more detailed data. So log on to ebizzkolkata the Kolkata-based B2B portal. Ebizzkolkata is among the top city-based B2B portals that serve the purpose of guides for visitors of Kolkata. Detailed information everything available and happening in Kolkata are available on ebizzkolkata.

Banks being the most sought after thing in a city for people, ebizzkolkata is loaded with all kinds of data regarding banks and ATMs in the city. Just search for a particular bank and you will find detailed data including addresses, nearest landmarks and contact numbers of its branches, located in different parts of the city. No matter which part of the city you are staying at, with information provided by ebizzkolkata, you are never too far from a bank in Kolkata. So don’t worry if you are running short of cash, ebizzkolkata is there to guide you towards the nearest bank or ATM in your way.

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