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Located in the Eastern part of India, Kolkata is a large city and home to billions of people who earn their livelihoods from different kinds of occupations. Though majority of the city population is engaged in different types of government and private jobs, the business fraternity is also quite strong here. There are thousands of people in the city who are engaged in different types of business dealings within the city, outside the city and even outside the country. The businessmen in Kolkata earn quite heavily from the import and export of goods and finished products to and fro from other countries. The Kolkata gold exporters are among the top rankers as far as earning revenues from international trade deals are concerned.

Kolkata gold exporters supply jewelries to all parts of the world but their biggest takers are in the Gulf countries. Dubai, one of the major centers of commercial operations in the entire world, imports golden jewelries from Kolkata in huge quantity. Diwali is the best season for the Kolkata gold exporters as thousands of NRIs order for new ornaments during this time. Besides, for occasions like wedding, they completely rely on gold ornaments that are made in Kolkata. However, NRIs are not the only people who have a preference for golden jewelries exported from Kolkata. Original inhabitants of the Gulf countries too have a clear fascination for golden jewelries that are made in Kolkata and the demand is increasing rapidly all over the world.

The reason why people prefer Kolkata made golden jewelries more than those made in other parts of the country is the uniqueness of the products. Unlike other states and cities of India, major percentages of the golden jewelries that are produced by the jewelers in Kolkata are hand-made. Each and every piece that is made by the goldsmiths has got a unique design. There is no chance of getting a photocopy of a necklace or a ring or a bangle that is hand-made. If you are buying a hand-made gold necklace you can be rest assured of having a piece with a unique design. But if you have bought a machine-made jewelry you may find another lady wearing an identical set in a party. People of higher society consider this as a fashion disaster and that’s why they look for hand-made golden jewelries. Thanks to the skill and efficiency of the goldsmiths in Kolkata, the jewelries possess great finishing that attracts people’s eyes easily.

Another reason behind the popularity of golden jewelries made in Kolkata is the affordable price of the items. As cheap labor is available in the city, the gold exporters in Kolkata offer prices for their items that do not create any financial burden for the well established people of the Gulf and other countries. Perhaps this is the reason why the Kolkata gold exporters have not faced the blow of the economic meltdown as people engaged in other kinds of businesses have faced.

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